Uplifting Story About Rather Special Gates

There are gates everywhere, all serving different purposes. The overriding purpose of having gates intact is that they are providing all of its users with a form of protection. A gate at the front of a residential property or business premises is serving as a barrier to keep intruders and unwanted visitors at bay. There is a degree of universal common knowledge in knowing that when you reach such a gate you could politely request permission to enter. But in most cases, permission is already granted.

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Excepting of course that there is a disclaimer. You are now entering at your own risk. Whatever happens on the other side of the gate cannot be the fault of the owner. You were forewarned. Particularly for the business, gates were meant to be locked at all times. And during the hours of operation it will be patrolled by a manned security gate. Gates at the airport terminals surely need very little introduction. So too, gates at military installations, and these are usually heavily guarded. And then there are rather special gates.

The lift gates lansing mi operation is mainly for commercial and industrial operations. When heavy duty operating equipment needs to be lifted onto a truck, the lift operation is housed by a gate. This gate is designed to provide a form of protection in the extreme event that heavy-duty equipment should slide out of position. The gate prevents the machinery from going any further and of course, reduces the possibility of any injury to the manned operations. And then there are these rather special gates.

You will find them on a wheelchair truck. As the wheelchair-bound person is being lifted into the truck on the lift, the gate is holding that person and his chair fast.